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Rescue Rangers OPES...the O.P.E.S. stands for Organizing Personal Empowerment Services!

On a more Personal level Rescue Rangers OPES provides Individual Chakra Energy Balancing, House Cleansings/Blessings, Stress Relieving/ Healing Essential Oils, Custom made Crystal Braclets that hold Angelic Energies that can assist you in life situations, and Enlightening Fairs & Shows. We also participate as vendors in other expo events!

We offer a hands-on approach to life-coaching by assisting individuals and groups in the recognition of their inner gifts. Our life-coaching methods have helped many people adjust to the changes that this challenging economy is yielding.  We've received an abundance of positive feedback from those whom we have assisted.  These self empowering services we offer are geared towards alleviating stress factors within everyday life.

Organizing Personal Empowering Services based on Spirituality in its boradest scope.  We accomplish this goal by helping many recognize the powerful gifts they possess within, empowering them to use those gifts with ease and confidence in their every day life.  In this way they become more awaken to their own personal power and are able to start manifesting and living the life they truly desire.


Rescue Rangers OPES offers life-coaching services geared towards empowering and awakening the spiritual gifts within all of us.  We offer a wide array of seminars, beginner’s mediation classes, and psychic consulting on a one-on-one basis.All our services are focused on assisting you in fully recognizing YOUR spiritual gifts.  

With more than 35 years of intuitive life-coaching experience, Rescue Rangers OPES takes pride from empowering others in recognizing and using their individual gifts, getting them started on the path of manifesting the life they desire.  Our assistance and guidance has helped many people break free from hiding their spiritual gifts due to limiting thought patterns such as fear, rejection, criticism, or negative labeling from family, friends and co-workers, as well as other conventional social groups.



We all possess wonderful and unique gifts bestowed upon us by our Creator such as:

Spiritual sight – the ability to view energies that are not commonly seen by the physical eye
Spiritual sensitivity – the ability to feel/sense an invisible presence/energy
Spiritual communication – the ability to hear audient communication from your inner being
Spiritual messaging – the ability to dream, visualize, predict events before they happen

The list goes on and on.  There are a plethora of gifts that we are not aware of because many of the people who possess these gifts are reluctant to come forward.  Rescue Rangers OPES welcomes you to share these gifts with the world, in order that someone else may be freed from their closet.


We’d like to show you how to make that possible.  Allow us to assist you in learning more about the gifts you possess.  We hope that in assisting you in your spiritual awakening to these universal mysteries you will become comfortable with discover this awesome power within you!


We welcome you to take an adventure that will assist you with your spiritual awakening…
 On This Path We Call Life!

Contact us at: or 1-800-570-3782 (x5463)

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 For Additional Information About Our Services Contact Us:
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